Our Mission

The future of technical analysis

Our primary objective is to empower traders with cutting-edge technical analysis tools that provide deep insights into market structures and deliver high probability signals. It's not just our precise pattern recognition and superior price & time action signals on TradingView that sets us apart from all other market options. Our team of expert traders has spent years developing sophisticated algorithms to suit global trading needs.

At TRN Trading, we ensure that our tools offer the adaptability needed to accommodate various trading styles. Whether you lean towards day trading, swing trading, position trading, or any other approach, our tools can be personalized to align with your specific requirements. Whether you're a novice venturing into the trading realm or a seasoned professional in pursuit of advanced strategies, TRN Trading has got you covered.

Trading is our Passion

Our story

Dr. Torsten Liebke, our CEO, is a dedicated trader and developer with a wealth of experience. His journey in the world of trading began at a young age when his parents opened his first portfolio for him. Since 2009, he has been the creative mind behind award-winning open-source trading tools and indicators for various platforms, collaborating with traders from across the globe. Dr. Liebke possesses extensive expertise in IT, mathematics, algorithms, and AI, having designed automated trading strategies for hedge funds and collaborated with traders that worked on the trading floor. 

After earning his Ph.D. in computer science, he chose to take his trading passion to new heights. Committed to the trading community, he channeled his knowledge into crafting unique trading tools and indicators for TradingView and other platforms, ensuring global accessibility. Dr. Liebke assembled a team of like-minded individuals who shared his enthusiasm for trading. The team consists of long-time successful traders, highly experienced software engineers and math wizards. United by a mission, they started TRN Trading to deliver exceptional tools tailored to the precise needs of traders. 



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